Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is my husband Mark - who leads our family with such love and is one amazing, strong man.  
This is the whole family- three boys and a lady! 
This is just one of the many hugs and kisses I love to give my own children ! Being a wife and mother over the last 15 years has been full of unexpected adventures, heartaches, magic moments and monumental blunders! That is motherhood- It is filled with the unpredictable joys and sorrows of life yet the experience is unforgettable ! I never knew that every moment of every day was building character and strength in my heart. It was giving me an ability to love even through the most difficult situations and wake up again and again to do it- over and over- another diaper, another lunch box to clean- another boo-boo to heal....just the simple moments of motherhood are the best training ground. When my husband wanted me to go on a mission's trip to Guatemala I about killed him! No Way! I thought of a million reasons why I could not go- time, money, two children who didn't meet the age requirement, safety, and just plain old fear of the unknown. I didn't have what it took....or so I thought...But one day God opened my heart , I said yes, and believed that if God called me he could take care of the details - I faced my fears and what I found on the other side was the most amazing experience of my life- .... All those years of mothering gave me every ounce of love I needed, all the strength, all the faith, and every skill I could possibly need to love children in need. I looked in their faces and saw the face of my own children. 

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