Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get the Party Started !

We broke out the bubbles for the toddlers ! 
The play tube was a hit! A new type of play experience from the indoor play set ! Everyone took turns crawling through but one little girl decided to stop and read a book along the way! 
My son Holt found the Gymboree bubbles and went to town blowing bubbles for the toddlers! These bubbles were so good everyone said we were "bubble-fied" by the end of the day. Thank you lakeland Gymboree for the bubbles! What a wonderful gift of fun to these kids with so little in life-
We took the toddlers into the courtyard for playtime and snuggles...and of course...more bubbles! 
The Gymboree parachute was the biggest hit of all. They had never seen such colors - The toddlers want to swing in it, lay on it, play on it and move it up and down. We had a spanish gymboree session that resulted in giggles and smiles. Wow! This is fun- 

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